Friday, March 21, 2008


We hope some of you were able to make it out to the Mega-Craftzilla. I think it was such a clever idea to let dinos and crafters come together into one big happy event. You would have thought some of the dinos were shopping for some homemade goodies. I must say there was some great talent out there. Beautiful and funky jewelry, handmade hula hoops (and fuzzy leg warmers), neat glass bead work (they even had some fried egg piece, which is right up our alley), jumbo button magnets, felties, and so much more. The weather was perfect, the concept was clever, the crafts were well worth it, and the dinos were so photogenic. We had a great time and got some really fun pictures of the Dinosaur World. You should check out our Flickr pages.

Interesting little side fact, while on Flickr, I wanted to see if there were any groups that I would want to share my dino pictures with and I came across a Roadside Dinosaurs group. I can't believe how many random giant dinosaur sculptures/cement casts are out there. There are some even made from car bumpers...really interesting and creative.

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