Monday, February 11, 2008

Sharing the Love (and the ink)

It's mid-winter gocco swap day!
Wendy and I kept ourselves busy this weekend, rushing to finish our prints on time. I had a lot of fun and am starting to feel much more comfortable with the gocco printer. I <3 Gocco! Wendy and I each created a unique piece to contribute to the swap and will be sending our prints out sometime today. Some folks got their pieces out early and I've already recieved one from Karen. Check it out at her flickr page.
And now, I'm pleased to introduce Monsieur French Toast, the newest "member" of the breakfast bunch, and print for the mid-winter gocco swap! Thanks again to Sarah over at cloth.paper.string for organizing the swap!


cloth.paper.string said...

je t'aime, monsiuer french toast!!

craftyclaire said...

That is really lovely, can I aswhat model Gocco do you own? I'm thinking of getting one

Sarah Jackson said...

He's so darling! Can't wait to see him in person.