Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cooking Up A Storm

Oh my goodness, Lauren's Monsieur French Toast is the crème de la crème. He is complete cuteness and sophistication all wrapped up in one :). I know her Gocco Swap Group will be so happy to get them.

So, I guess it is my turn to share my Mid-Winer Gocco Swap item. Here they are folks, right off the press (that makes the gocco machine sound like such an industrialized mammoth machine, but it practically looks like a child's toy and is the size of a shoe box) stacked mixing bowl recipe cards. My gocco group for the swap will be getting a set of 10 white/gold bowls and a set of 5 red/gold bowls. I really loved how the gold screen gave the illusion of white bowls that I brought the printing of the red screen to a halt. But then I couldn't decide which set to give whom, and thought it would be best to give everyone a bit of each.

I got the idea for mixing bowls because they have been my friends over the past few months. The have been lending aid when I needed to whip up something to take to all the get togethers that have been happening. I wanted to make a little photo shoot for photographing the swap items, and can I just say, those recipe cards really worked it on the cutting board stage. Now, they want to be dressed up with delicious recipes. Thanks again, Sarah (cloth.paper.string)!!! Lauren and I really enjoyed being apart of the gocco swap. Now, we must wait for the others swap items to come. I know the deadline was just yesterday for sending them out, but I have become like a child (waiting for their 3-proofs of purchase plus $2.95 for shipping toy from the cereal box company) and jolt out the front door, leap over the curb (I tripped over it a couple of times, so now I know to leap), and sprint to the mail box to check to see if the swap items have arrived.


amandamonkey said...

Wendy! I LOVE the recipe cards you sent for the Gocco swap! Thank you soooo much!

Cherry Runway said...

Wendy, these are WAY cute!! I love them. :)