Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bazaar and Swap

The Pink Light Bazaar was exquisite!!! Seriously, who could go wrong with delicious cupcakes (I think there were about 12 different cupcake flavors to pick from), pink champagne, handmade goodies, vintage clothes, little bit of mingling, and great tunes? I was able to snag this really awesome vintage button necklace from Stray Creative. And the coolest thing about it, it is totally reversible! I am so happy that Lauren found out about this great event, otherwise, we would have missed out on a whole lot of fun.

So, the Gocco Swap deadline is almost here, Feb. 11th. And (drum roll please) that means a bunch of gocco'd bundles of joys should be arriving in the mail soon. Oh, how I am so excited. I was able to sneak a few peaks at what some of the participants have made through their blogs, and the Gocco Swap Flickr page. But there have only been a few to post images up because they probably all feel the same way I do... They want it to be a surprise. Once the deadline passes, I will totally share pictures of the gocco'd creations.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Have a happy rest of the day!

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