Friday, January 18, 2008

Pinklight Bazaar

So, on top of the excitement of the Mid-Winter Gocco Swap, which we both just received emails from cloth.paper.string with our group members' addresses, and Lauren's amazing crafty cupcake obsession (I seriously can't wait to try that yummy icing recipe! see previous post), we almost forgot to tell you all about the upcoming Pink Light Bazaar!!! (I know that was an extremely long run on sentence, but I'm too darn excited about all these great things happening).

The Pink Light Bazaar is a night packed full with cupcakes, girly music, crafts and is an excuse to get all dolled up in your most girly dress. It is happening this Sunday in Winter Park. If you get a chance, you should certainly come check it out. Here's the link to the myspace page for more information: Pinklight Bazaar

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